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Next Working Together meeting will be Aug 13th at noon

The next Working Together Meeting will be August 13th, 12:00 p.m. at the Oddfellows Hall.                                                                                                                           Agenda: LemhiLeader Information Sheet for WT meeting Aug, 2013

The pdf’s of previous LemhiLeaders are now on the website, look for tab on the bottom.


Decisions: Business of the month for Sept______________________________________

                  Please sign up for distributing on Th Aug 29 or Fri Aug 30

                        2 people in cars ______________________  , ____________________

                        2 people on foot______________________  ,  ____________________

                  Advertising committee: Vicki, Doug, __________________,______________


Finances:  We lost $70 in the Aug edition due to some of our major ad groups having free articles.  We need you folks to distribute the half page ad flyers and promote us.


For Sept: It will be in Color, with the extra cost paid for by Oktoberfest   

Oktoberfest and marathon on 1st page                                      

            Gym, Lat 45, yoga, trainers etc  ;   _____________________________

            _____________________________ (LEP welding?) (after school promise?)

            Business of the month:                                           on 3rd page

Give us suggestions:

For Oct:  local guiding industry; Sunday breakfasts (Tammy); 

For Nov: bazaars;  hockey; veterans day;  

For Dec:  community and church choirs; youth skiing program?

For Feb:  food/clothing distribution groups; Ext winter day?;  

For Mar:          


Previous Articles:

Mar:  Working Tog, LEP, LVCF, YEP                                              The Kitchen          

Apr: Whitewater Park,  SVBIC, LCEDA, Barb’s net worth              Computer Zen

May: SVS (forest rest), Sacajawea Center,  LCEDA                                    Gallery

June: WTRRA, Cattlemen/women, River Disc, SVS trails              Hub

July: SRDays Chamber, YEP, Firemen, SVBIC                                Whitewater Espresso

Aug: SAC, Sac Center, Fair, Mahoney House                                   Jaxonbilt Hats