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LemhiLeader Advertising Rates

Due Date:

Due the 15th of the month before publication by the 1st of the month
All business ads must be paid for when submitted. Working Together will help us figure out how to bill the non-profits. Fees payable to LemhiLeader (one word).


Non-profit Fee
Business Fee
4.5 x 4.75
4.5 x 2.25
4.5 x 7.25
9.5 x 2.25
Quarter, long
4.5 x 1.0
Quarter, Square
2.0 x 2.25
  • If you use a line border, that border would be the exact size of the ad.
  • You may include pictures and logos in your ad.
  • Please submit your completed ad in the exact size you have chosen from the ones listed above. Submit as a jpeg or pdf. We will not create the ad.
  • Please include in each ad a website, contact phone number, addresses etc. so that tourists will know where to go for events and how to get more information. Lemhiweb will also be referenced as a place to get more general information and current news.
  • Calendar Entries: one line for each event. The calendar will be for that month and the following month in each edition. Include contact information and times. Please go ahead and send in events as far ahead as you can. We’ll put them on the calendar so it will help with planning and include them on the appropriate months. One entry free each month with a non-profit ad, all others $5.


Our emphasis is on looking forward, so we would appreciate articles on what the non-profits are doing for the community, helpful information for people or businesses, community events, and tourist information to name a few possibilities. We reserve the right to determine which month the information is printed. We will strive to communicate what we are doing and hope that you will help us if a shorter article is needed for the limited space (full articles will appear in or if we feel any other changes are needed.


We are asking the Working Together participants, and others who are willing to help us, to find distribution points and deliver the newspapers to those points by the first of each month. We anticipate delivery to Salmon at least 4 days before the end of the month. For this first edition, we will get the newspapers to the delivery people and let them approach businesses. We will have explanation letters to help with that effort. One distribution point in Leadore, for example, will be sufficient. The Post Office will not allow them. This should not be a hard sell, since it will bring people into the businesses. After the first edition is out there, we will be asking all of you to send out emails to your extensive lists letting people know about the newspaper.

Past Issues:

See below for links to PDF's of past issues.